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Start learning the Holy Quran without even stepping out of your comfort zone. Global Quran Lessons have designed multiple online courses for the betterment of Muslims without considering their ages. Following are the courses we offer:

  • Quran Tafsir
  • Islamic studies
  • Learn Ten Qirat
  • Memorize Quran
  • Islamic supplication
  • Tarteel e Quran Qaida
  • Quran reading with tajweed

Online Quran Education

Global Quran Lesson provides you with the best online Quran classes. The quality of our services has always been our top priority to bring the best out of our students. Check out what makes us the best online Quran academy for learning the Holy Quran.

Certified Tutors

Our teaching staff is a model of professionalism. We only hire tutors who have graduated from a reputable Islamic university and have expertise in their field.

Furthermore, all of our teachers are native English speakers.

Flexible Timings

You may be a keen learner and, still, your responsibilities are an obstacle in your way. If that is the case, you need not worry. Global Quran Lessons provides flexibility in its online Quran courses.

We are available to you round the clock. You can schedule your session according to your free time.

One-on-One Classes

Our One-on-One Classes are a way to interact with every student in the best possible way. The tutors help the students in clearing all their doubts. Join us and take the first step to comprehensive understanding of the Holy Quran.

Before enrolling in any course, we encourage you to take a FREE trial class to evaluate our tutor’s abilities and teaching methodology and decide whether to continue learning from us.

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Online Tajweed of Quran Online

Tajweed of Quran

Tajweed is essential because the correct pronunciation of the Quranic language will reach the hearts of those who listen to it.

Tafsir of Quran Online

Tafsir of Quran

Tafsir Quran Course is a specially designed course to learn the exegesis and interpretation of the Holy Quran. Tafsir refers to

Memorize of Quran Course Online

Memorize Quran

Memorization of the Quran makes a person’s rank highly prestigious. The rank of a Hafiz e Quran is not only elevated in this

Ten Qiraat of Quran Online

Ten Qiraat of Quran

Qiraat is a proper way of reciting the Holy Quran. It involves a genuine source and an authenticated chain by some

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What Students & Parents Say about Us

I had never thought of learning Quran online until I tried Global Quran Academy. The platform is intuitive and so easy to approach. The lessons and activities are a pleasure and engaging and help you understand the holy Quran better. Plus, the teachers are friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Global Quran Academy to anyone looking to learn the Quran online.

Muhammad Lamin Student | USA

I have learned a lot from this online Quran academy. It is so hard to teach yourself the holy Quran, but with the help of Global Quran Academy, I have learned so much more than I could have ever dreamed of learning on my own. My teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. They always answer my questions and give explanations for each topic we learn about.

Ousman Student | UK

I am a working woman and housewife as well. So I don't have time to attend physical classes, so I was searching for an academy that provides flexible timings according to my schedule. I am learning the Quran with translation. The teacher provides interesting and interactive lessons to keep us always engaged in learning. I like how your academy works. Fee Discounts, clear information, makeup lessons. I am thankful for learning Quran from this platform.

Mariam Wasi Student | Canada

This online Quran academy is great for getting started on learning the Qur'an and for getting your religious needs met. I have read a lot. When I started learning, I did not know how to pronounce letters. But Alhumdulillah now I am learning the Quran with a Tafseer. The academy's management is so cooperative, and they provide all kinds of Islamic studies in their academy.

Wuday Student | UK

When should children begin learning the Quran?

We recommend that children begin Islamic study at a very early age to get familiar with Islamic teachings. Our courses are designed to build a strong foundation for your kids.

We provide the opportunity to understand the Holy Quran through specialists in the field. Children always learn to form the elders, and our tutors practice Islamic ethics and manners in front of them for their better understanding. Parents who know the Quran can help their children develop a natural familiarity with the holy Quran by reading it to them from birth.

Children enjoy studying the Quran online because they enjoy using the latest technology, and Global Quran Lessons offers kids courses to engage them in religious education right from the beginning.

Online Quran Teaching Academy​

How To Get Online Quran Education With Us?

The process of learning the Quran is very simple.

Here’s how our online Quran teaching works.

  • You will decide a time for your classes.
  • At the time of your class, the tutor will get in touch with you, and you will have a video call with your tutor via Skype or any other software.
  • The tutor will share their screen and teach you the Holy Quran depending on the course you have chosen.
  • You will get different Quran lessons in each class, and you will discuss the lesson with your tutor in the next class.

How To Hire Our Online Quran Academy?

We have made the registration process very simple and easy. No document and no registration fee are required.

Here’s how to hire us.

  • Contact us in any of the above-mentioned ways.
  • Let us know about which online Quran course you want to go for.
  • Select the package or design your own.
  • Get your FREE trial class.
  • Pay your fee to start your regular online Quran learning program.

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