Quran Courses We Offer

Quran Reading With Tajweed

Quran reading with Tajweed

Tajweed is all about doing something well. Tajweed is essential because the correct pronunciation of the Quranic language will reach the hearts of those who listen to it.

Quran​ Tafsir Online

Quran​ Tafsir Online

Tafsir Quran Course is a specially designed course to learn the exegesis and interpretation of the Holy Quran. Tafsir refers to

Ten Qiraat of Quran​

Ten Qiraat of Quran

Qiraat is a proper way of reciting the Holy Quran. It involves a genuine source and an authenticated chain by some religious authority.

Memorize of Quran Course Online

Memorize of Quran

Memorization of the Quran makes a person’s rank highly prestigious. The rank of a Hafiz e Quran is not only elevated in this world, but also the hereafter.

Translation of the Quran Online

Translation of the Quran

Reciting and understanding the Holy Quran is easy for Arabs as Quran is written in Arabic language, but a bit challenging for non-Arabs. Being Muslims, we are taught how to read the Quran, but the majority are ignorant of its meaning. Recitation of the Quran does give reward, but we cannot ...

Islamic Studies Online Course

Islamic Studies Online

Islamic Studies course assist Muslims all around the globe in a better knowledge of the basic pillars and essentials of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are mandatory for the completion of Iman and one's obedience relies on them. All the aspects of a Muslim’s life are discussed in this course.

Islamic Supplication Online Course

Islamic Supplication Online

Supplication is the act of asking for something humbly and gently. Islam is a religion of peace and supplication. Islamic supplications are the duas that Muslims make to Allah Almighty. Supplications make a person humble in his daily actions and dealings. It keeps him down to earth and close to Allah. Whenever you need something, you remember Allah Almighty and ask him for that thing.

Online Quran Teaching Academy​

How To Get Online Quran Education With Us?

The process of learning the Quran is very simple.

Here’s how our online Quran teaching works.

  • You will decide a time for your classes.
  • At the time of your class, the tutor will get in touch with you, and you will have a video call with your tutor via Skype or any other software.
  • The tutor will share their screen and teach you the Holy Quran depending on the course you have chosen.
  • You will get different Quran lessons in each class, and you will discuss the lesson with your tutor in the next class.
  • When memorizing the Quran, you will also have revision lessons to help you keep the previous lessons memorized.

How To Hire Our Online Quran Academy?

We have made the registration process very simple and easy. No document and no registration fee are required. Here’s how to hire us.

  • Contact us in any of the above-mentioned ways.
  • Let us know about which online Quran course you want to go for.
  • Select the package or design your own.
  • Get your FREE trial class.
  • Pay your fee to start your regular online Quran learning program.